Esther Punny

My artist alter ego

Be it sustainable fashion design, photography or dance, I use my artist name Esther Punny. The pseudonym is my disguise when I create, but it also has many symbolic meanings to me.

The first part, "Esther", pays homage to my late great grandmother who was called Taimi Esteri Tarhiala.


The name resembles "Easter Bunny", making it a pun. I obviously love puns - hence the last part "Punny".


The name is also biblical - Esther was a character in the Bible, famous for her beauty and wisdom. It is thought that the name comes from a word that means "star". Since my third name is Metsätähti (direct translation: "forest star"), Esther can be interpreted as a literal alias for my real name.

Here is some of my work as a dancer