My process

Talo House is not just about quirky look and comfy feel.


Here's how I strive to design clothes with minimum environmental impact!

One man´s trash is another man´s treasure

 As a designer I only utilise high quality second hand materials - you know, materials that have lasted and will last for years and years to come.


I mainly create my designs out of discarded clothes and textiles. That way, I minimise the ecological impact of my creations.


I acknowledge that poor quality textiles only contribute to the mass production of goods with a short lifespan. Therefore, in choosing my second hand materials I emphasise durability, comfort and timeless design. 

Design with a green eye

 Before I decide what to make out of a piece of fabric or clothing, I allow myself to ruminate on it - feel the fabric and arrange it in different positions to compare it with other pieces with different colors and patterns.


Sometimes there is a great piece of clothing someone has tossed away simply in the need of a modification. Sometimes it takes a dozen of scraps from someone else's diy project to create a whole new piece of art-to-wear.

Quilting - upcycling before it was cool 

My latest projects include a whole lot of quilting. The history of this noble craft began out of necessity to save fabric by utilising the small pieces left over from other sewing projects. The sentiment of making beautiful new things out of leftover materials has proven to be ageless, even more so in this time of limited resources.